Mold Inspection Service

Have Mold Concerns?

K&K Consulting offers Mold Inspection Services to help you determine IF you have a mold problem and identify the mold problems that exist, if any. However, we do not perform the remediation/clean-up services of mold contamination. You may elect to use any mold remediation / cleanup services to tackle a mold problem.

K&K Home Inspections and More was started in January of 1999 . In 2003 we contacted Pro-Lab, a leading provider of environmental testing. We completed our training with Pro-Lab and received our mold testing certification.

In the first few years of business, we observed a fairly consistent pattern of what appeared to be mold, mildew and other organic materials growing on attic sheathings, crawlspaces, shower stalls, bedroom closets and root cellars. The mold growth issues all had one thing in common – elevated moisture and insufficient ventilation.

We’d want to not only offer quality mold inspections, but to raise awareness about the dangers of mold lurking in your living spaces.

Mold discovery and the resulting chronic health issues can be a terrifying ordeal, just like the Fabry Family learned the hard way:

Mold is like any other plant. Its primary function in nature is to decompose dead organic material.

Mold therefore needs three elements to exist – mold spores, an organic substrate and moisture.

Mold spores are everywhere at all times, you are breathing them now! Our homes and places of work are full of organic materials – wood, drywall, paints, carpets, soil in crawlspaces and food products. Moisture is also present in all our homes and places of business by virtue of the fact that we are constantly expelling moisture. Additional moisture comes from our kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, damp crawlspaces and basements.

What can you do to prevent mold?

We receive at least one or two calls per week by a panicked parent regarding what they believe is black mold. In the mold inspection industry, that is not a technical word since mold can be any color in the rainbow. The real question is what is the level of toxicity?

When mold growth goes unchecked it becomes toxic for some people, but not all. It is truly a matter of a person’s immune system. The stronger the immune system the less likely the person will feel or notice any symptoms related to mold exposure.

On the other hand, I have had clients exposed to relatively low levels of mold and they have become very ill and in one persons case they were temporarily incapacitated.

What should you do if you suspect there is a mold problem?

  1. First determine the source of the moisture:
  2. Are the bathroom and kitchens venting into the attic?
  3. Is the crawlspace or basement damp? Are the downspouts discharging next to the foundation of the home?\
  4. Are there plumbing leaks?
  5. These are the first places to look.

Where does K&K Mold Inspections come in?

When you contact K&K Home Inspection, we will arrange an appointment to come to your home or place of business for a mold inspection. We will provide a visual inspection to determine if mold exists anywhere.

We also take air samples in three different locations.

These air samples are sent to a lab for analysis. The lab typically provides its results with in 72 hours of receiving the samples. Once I have the results I pass them on to my client and we discuss the findings. If the conclusion is ‘mold is present’, then it is time to bring in a mold remediation expert to further examine and treat the home or business.

If our inspection determines that ‘mold is present’, or even before you have a mold inspection, you believe it is present in the home or office, I always recommend any mold issue is professionally remediated. Improper removal of by unapproved methods will almost always make things worse.

If you have questions about mold, please feel free to use the general contact form on the home page of our website.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a professional mold inspection please complete our appointment form and we’ll respond quickly to ask any questions and schedule a time and date.