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Since K&K offers the most thorough inspection it guarantees you the confidence of knowing your clients got the best inspection!

A thorough inspection will give you a smoother transaction and diminishes the chances of a dissatisfied client.

K&K Consultants is constantly improving! We are always trying to improve interactions with clients, Improving our reporting system to make it more clear and understandable, Continuing education and always gaining more experience!

K&K Consultants takes pride in their customer relationships, and will always stand by the inspection process. Therefore if issues should arise with the client, agents will have the peace of mind that we will address them.

Should you recommend a Presale Inspection?



When an inspection is done on a home before listing, it gives not only the owner an upper hand when selling, But you too!

It gets rid of unexpected surprises when there is a time crunch and you're trying to close.

It allows the homeowner to know what issues to repair that would make the home less appealing to prospective buyers.

It also makes the buyers more trusting of the owners, since the owners are disclosing everything about their home.

Last but not least! In most cases the buyer will not get their own inspection! This will make a quicker and smoother transaction.