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Pullman, Washington is a small town that has had a lot of growth in recent years. With that growth comes new construction and remodeling, which means there is always a need for a home inspector. K&K Consultants is a full-service home and building inspection company that has been serving the city of Pullman since 1990. We provide a wide range of inspection services, including air quality and environmental assessment, structure, and safety assessments. K&K Consultants has a reputation for providing high-quality services at a fair price, and its staff is dedicated to helping customers make the best decisions.

Why Hire a Professional Home Inspector in Pullman, Washington?

A home inspection is an important step in the buying process, and one that you should not skip. Not only will a home inspection help you identify any potential problems with the property, but it can also give you a sense of peace of mind knowing that all is in good condition. In addition, a home inspection can save you a lot of money in the long run. K&K Consultants are qualified professionals who can help you identify any issues with your home and recommend solutions.
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Pullman Home Mold Inspection & Testing


Mold inspection and testing is an important part of a home’s indoor air quality. Mold can cause health problems, including allergies and asthma, if it is in high concentrations. Mold can also make your home smell bad. To check for mold, your inspector will use a variety of methods, including checking the air quality and looking for signs of growth, such as black spots or fuzzy patches on walls or ceilings.

Mold can be a serious problem in any building, but it’s especially dangerous in older structures where it can cause structural damage. K&K Home Inspections and More recommend that mold be inspected and tested on a regular basis to ensure that it’s not growing and causing problems.

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K&K was amazing to work with. Extremely professional and handled everything in a timely manner. We received a very detailed inspection report. I would highly recommend K&K to anyone!
We thoroughly enjoyed working with K&K. Very responsive, reliable, thorough, and experienced.
Dean and Doug are extremely helpful and constructive with remedial advice. Beyond satisfied with the quality of the inspection. Highly recommend!
I have used many home inspectors in different states, and can say that K&K is the best. Their thoroughness and detailed home inspection reports helped to get a better understanding of the house we purchased in Lewiston.

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